How social media marketing can help e-commerce businesses to grow at a rapid pace?

22 Dec
How social media marketing can help e-commerce businesses to grow at a rapid pace

How social media marketing can help e-commerce businesses to grow at a rapid pace?

When was the last time you logged-in into your profile on e-commerce sites? Two days ago or maybe once in the past week. Right?

It seems buying products from any e-commerce site is no more a luxury, in fact, it is becoming a necessity. It is no more limited to buying specific products, one can buy whatever one desires. One of the major factor influencing the increased use of such sites is – TIME. We all are short of time. We choose to order stuff online rather walking-in in the nearest store. Ain’t it?

The internet is filled with hundreds of e-Commerce sites. It is getting competitive every day, forcing e-commerce business owners to find unique ways to increase traffic to the website, build a customer base, build relationships, and get good returns on investments.

Amidst competition, increasing website traffic is challenging but using Social Media can play a powerful role in beating the competition in the online shopping industry.

Social Media provides a solid platform for discussions, engagements, reviews, information, and expressions. Businesses can utilize social media platforms for their own benefit. According to Magento (magento e-commerce development), 93% consumers turn to social media for buying decisions.

So, how can social media marketing help e-commerce businesses to grow faster?

There are several strategies designed and successfully executed by digital marketing companies, experts in e-commerce website development. Here are 5 tactics to operate a successful e-commerce business through social media marketing.

  • Smart Targeting
    Social Media Marketing offers different options to choose your audience based on location, demographics, interest, device etc. It also provides the feature of a custom audience. With these features, business owners can reach potential customers and engage effectively. This helps in increasing ROI on advertising.
  • Effective Product Ads
    Effective product ads should be used to retarget customers who have shown/expressed interest in products or services. With a lot of flexibility and multiple utilities, effective product ads help drive sales.
  • Influencers
    A modern version of word-of-mouth marketing, Influencers are brand ambassadors have comprehensive and authentic information about products or services available online. You will find influencers mostly in food, travel, and fashion industries. The success of associating with influencer depends on his/her likability, credibility, and trustworthiness. Influencers may be used for a product launch, review, engagement, ad campaigns etc.
  • Product Videos
    When it comes to product information or details, consumers prefer audio-visual clips instead of textual content. Videos bridge the gap between offline and online shopping experiences. Appealing to the customers and they provide a clear overview of the product. Videos can be used on the site and be uploaded on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Engage. Engage. Engage.
    Social Media is a great medium for e-commerce websites but simply pushing products and promotions without engagement won’t get results. It should be used to engaging audiences through interactive textual and visual content. Live polls, live videos, contests are some of the ways for engagement.

Lastly, social media is here to stay and there’s ample space for e-commerce businesses to explore it. However, e-commerce brands should consult a digital marketing company/agency or e-commerce website development company which will help them identify the right social media channel.