Google Ads can help you generate targeted leads

31 Dec
Google Ads Consultant Ahmedabad

Google Ads can help you generate targeted leads

Increasing sales and generating leads is an essential and concurrent process for your business. Sales or turnover or revenue is a result of marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

When we say, marketing or advertising, a print ad or a television commercial or a huge billboard comes to our mind, right? Of course, the first two methods are mandatory for your business to build awareness and promote products or services later on.

The traditional marketing method, including online and social media activity and ads, often mean running ad campaigns that encourage consumers to pursue a specific action, such as buying a product or paying for a service.

Once consumers are through with their purchase, the deal ends. So to invite new customers, business have to rerun the cycle again.

Yes, the rerun brings-in new customers, but are the new consumers to the business from the targetted audience? To some extent NO. The reason behind the NO, most traditional marketing efforts are not target oriented.

It is good that you have been employing the traditional and trending promotional methods for your business, but if you haven’t been able to generate business leads from your hard work, the program is not working for you.

What is the solution?  

Google Ads or Google Adwords or PPC (Pay Per Click) is the ideal solution for reaching the right customer at the right time and right place.

How do Google Ads help?

Google Ads are effective in increasing site traffic and lead-generation campaigns.

For your business, Google Ads will:   

  • encourage your existing customers or target audience to complete a purchase or sign-up to newsletters.
  • generate leads by gathering contact details through a sign-up page.
  • increase traffic to your website so that you can distribute information.

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