Case Studies


Marketing Solutions That Work

Tong Garden has been producing and distributing quality nuts and snacks since 1963. With a wide variety products that cater to every budget and taste, Tong Garden’s best-selling nuts have found their way into the homes and hearts of many families and across multiple generations. Tong Garden is a leading dry fruit and nuts manufacturer and distributor in the whole world. Since last decades, it was their passion that kept the brand growing and going. We’re best know as Tong Garden, but our family also includes the Noi and Sungift brands.

The Challenge

The major challenge was to establish their presence on the digital platform. With not even a website, and other social digital channels for sales, the major task was initialization and leaving a strong presence.


A very strong footprints was established on social media like facebook and Instagram to for branding, educating and enagaging their customers. With more than 28,000 followers the page oday goes up and strong spreading the work about Tong Garden.

With no ATL activities also, they are able to achieve the sales and marketing for the brand. #Everydaygiftcontest was run which organically attracted a lot of audience to the website and Social media pages.