Case Studies


Marketing Solutions That Work

Electrotherm (India) Ltd. has been into engineering metal melting industry since 1983. Electrotherm is the only Indian company with indigenously developed world class technologies of global scale. Our embedded attitude of customizing engineering and metallurgical solutions to customers made Electrotherm grow into one of the market leaders in the metal melting industries in India and globally. Electrotherm today is a Multi-divisional ISO 9001:2008 certified global Company holding a 2,500,000 kW market share in the metal melting industry globally.

The Challenge

Being a large scale company with 7 different divisions, working parallelly towards the growth, it becomes difficult to build a company corporate profile on Linkedin. Also because of the size of the company, large amounts of data was available, where the other challenge was streamlining the data and narrowing it down to promote the company.


A corporate profile was built up on Linkedin. All the company processes as well as policies were well highlighted. The main aim of showing the rich company culture was well established. As a result we could together increase unique visitors by 25% and 24% growth in followers organically in a span of 1.5 months.