Advantage of Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing

23 Nov

Advantage of Digital Marketing over Traditional marketing

We all understand how important marketing is for any business. It is an integral part of the business. For a small grocery store to a multinational brand, marketing is a must. Business owners wanting to maintain their turnover and profits ensure setting a part of their budget for marketing plans.

In this article, we are going to introduce the advantages of digital marketing services over traditional marketing. The topic is highly debatable, but we want you to note, both the methods of marketing have their individual pros and cons, the comparisons are informal expressions.

The traditional method of marketing is being used ever since; advertising (print media, television commercials, billboards) came into existence. Businesses use newspaper, radio, television, flyers, paper inserts as different means to promote their brand even today.

Brands do get the option to reach a wider audience through the traditional method, but the effect is momentary. For example, an advertisement published in leading newspapers or on prime television channels may be forgotten within a few minutes or a couple hours. So to keep the audience engaged, brands have to repeat the ads till the time, money spent on the ad is earned back from sales.

The above example clearly reflects the limitations traditional marketing has. The traditional marketing method has its own advantages, but digital marketing has revolutionized the way marketing is effected. Additionally, the advent of social media and social media marketing companies have forced traditional marketers to down their shutters.

Digital marketing has striking benefits over traditional marketing. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Low cost: Digital marketing costs very low compared to traditional method. Businesses can advertise with a fraction of their budget.

2. Real-time: With online marketing, enterprises can measure the results of marketing efforts and advertising in real-time.

3. Faster Brand Building: Brand building is quicker through digital method. It does not have limitations of space to advertise as is the case with conventional marketing. Brands can own a website and showcase services or products with the help of social media.

4. Specific Target: Unlike the standard method, in digital marketing, companies can target a specific audience for their ads thereby increasing the chances of better brand exposure or brand awareness and sales.

5. Better Engagement: A two-way engagement process. With digital marketing, brands can engage with the targeted audience in real time. This also allows taking prompt steps to attend consumer feedbacks.

6. Easy Analytics: Businesses can track their marketing efforts and quickly decide on the strategies working in their favor. They can use online tools to check the inbound traffic, conversion rates, audience, bounce rate etc.

It’s For All: Digital marketing doesn’t distinguish. It is available to all industries, right from a grocery store to leading international brands. Compared to traditional marketing, the online method allows brands to expand brand presence and manage advertising front.

Like we said earlier, the topic is quite debatable, but you will agree digital marketing is beneficial over traditional mode. Although the traditional method is indispensable it is online marketing that will take your brand where you want it to be.

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